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Diablo IV: Encouraging News from Activision

U7buygames is the best supplier of Safe Diablo 4 Items, place your order now and enjoy the victory in the game. Diablo IV has kept fans waiting for years, luckily, players can now calm down, we are bringing you a short yet encouraging message.


In its latest quarterly financial report released yesterday, Activision Blizzard would also like to provide an update on the development of Diablo IV. Announced in 2019, the game is highly anticipated, and despite a recent leak of new maps and more than 150 dungeons, there isn’t much to see. That’s why Activision Blizzard would like to respond to this long wait by saying that Diablo IV’s development is in full swing.


While the first external testing has been launched via the Overwatch 2 beta, Diablo IV is being left a little behind, with company-wide internal testing. The news, which still remains encouraging and indicates the transition to a new stage in the promotion of development.


Obviously, this doesn’t offer us any more information on the timing or release date. Also, please note that a postponement was already announced at the end of last year due to the departure of several managers particularly. So we’ll still have to patiently endure our annoyances and make do with Activision Blizzard’s future quarterly posts in the hope of learning more about the progress of the project. Enough to gradually raise the hype of all players in eager anticipation of important information about this new opus. In the meantime, you can always console yourself with the next release of Diablo Immortal, which you can read in great detail about here.