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Diablo IV: New Heroes and New Classes

Visit U7buygames to discover Diablo IV gold and cheap Diablo IV items for your dungeon crawler necessities today. So far, four of the five classes that will be playable in Diablo IV and that have been taken from previous installments of the saga have been announced. Each one will have its own characteristics that will make them unique and easily recognizable, so that anyone can choose the one that best suits their style of play. They will be exactly the following:




Thanks to his unparalleled strength and melee style, he will be able to carry four weapons at the same time, being able to use them with one or two hands. Depending on the skills he uses, he will automatically draw the necessary weapon, all with great speed.




She will be based on the same sorceress from Diablo II. Thanks to her magic, she will be able to cast ice, electric and fire spells on her enemies, including meteor showers. She will also be able to illuminate the darkest dungeons, something that will come in handy to visualize everything around.


As with the Barbarian Arsenal system, each class has a unique feature that differentiates it from other classes. In the case of the Sorceress it is the Enchantment System. This feature endows the Sorceress with 3 extra skills in passive mode, so that she can have a total of 9 skills at the same time (3 passive and 6 active).




In his human form he will be able to summon pets to help him during combat, provoke storms or perform earth magic. But if there is something that makes him special, it is the ability to transform into a werewolf or a bear. Follow the promotional link below to discover items at the best price for your Diablo characters.




This new class is based on the Harpy from the first Diablo. Her agility and combat skills will allow her to shoot arrows with her bow to those opponents she wants to eradicate from a distance or to shred with her swords and daggers anyone who confronts her in melee. The Rogue is a highly mobile and agile class, with hybrid mastery between melee damage and ranged damage. She can imbue her weapons, traps, etc. with poison and other things:


  • She can switch between melee and ranged without delay.
  • Has the ability to throw traps to damage opponents who step on them.
  • She can use his weapons with a cursed soul to explode nearby enemies, ice to slow enemies, toxins to poison them or acid to melt them.