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Diablo IV – The Background Story

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Diablo IV Plot and Characters

One thing we can all agree on is that Blizzard makes spectacular cinematics. The announcement video for Diablo IV introduced Lilith, the new antagonist, in style. But first, let’s see who she is. Fathered by the Lord of Hatred, Lilith is known by many names. From Mephisto, she inherits the Daughter of Hatred moniker. In one of the many battles of the Eternal Conflict, Lilith captured the angel Inarius. A strange bond was formed between them. The duo gathered some allies and stole the world stone. Using this incredibly powerful item, they’ve created the world that would be known as Sanctuary. The name signifies that this is a place untouched by the Eternal Conflict. Lilith and Inarius populated Sanctuary with a new race. Their offspring are the Nephalem, the characters we play in Diablo III. Drawing abilities from both angels and demons, the Nephalem grew very powerful. So powerful that the angels on Inarius’s side thought of killing them all. To save her children, Lilith killed all the angels. Inarius banished her into the void. He then tweaked the world stone to weaken the Nephalem over time. This is how humans were born. Diablo IV takes place after Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. Lilith is brought back to Sanctuary. The cinematic shows cultists making human sacrifices to bring back The First Mother. The ritual succeeds and Lilith makes her grand entrance. At the time of these events, the angels and demons have grown weak in numbers. The Eternal Conflict has subsided. This leaves a window of opportunity for Lilith to take over Sanctuary. She is back and we know that her intentions are far from being peaceful. The Diablo IV class roster features five characters. Each one has its motivation for opposing Lilith. Her plans are still unclear. We are sure we will face many powerful enemies before we get to confront Nephalem’s progenitor. We cannot wait to see how the story goes.