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Have You Collected The NBA 2K22 Season 3 City Jerseys And Courts?

NBA 2K22 Season 3 adds new City jerseys and courts that are obtained from events and the Dame Lillard Signature Challenge that rewards a coach item.

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New NBA 2K22 City Jerseys and Courts Are Available

Season 3: Iced Out allows players to obtain unique cards. These exclusive items come from events. Some of the most popular holiday-themed features from past winter events are still available. For example, players can find special tokens in packs. These tokens are called ornament basketballs and they are available only during Season 3. All 30 NBA teams have ornaments. Players are invited to collect all of them. The rewards include Vintage and Beach items. These items can be paired with the holographic basketball to make the court shine with the fiery basketball. The agenda rewards from obtaining the amethyst, diamond, and pink diamond items from the token reward market work as well. Imagine how cool a basketball on fire would look when you are playing exciting games in the new Clutch Time mode. Season 3 has new modes, new rewards, and also new jerseys and courts. MyTeam players will be happy to know that City jerseys and courts are now available. The jerseys are obtained as rewards from winning Triple Threat Online: The 100 games. The condition is that you need to use three players from that franchise. The courts are acquired when you manage to score at least at many points as the record in a single game of the player you are using from that team. The new jerseys and courts allow players to create new designs. You can use these City themes for your teams and give them an amazing appearance. Speaking of popular content, Season 3 comes with a new Signature Challenge. Season 3 features Damian Lillard. This may be an old activity, but it has a twist. The lineup does not contain Lillard. The team has Kobe, Giannis, KD, LeBron, and AI. He is missing from the lineup, but this doesn’t mean that he is not involved at all. He will be on the sidelines guiding his team. The rewards for this Signature Challenge include a ruby perimetric centric coach item representing Lillard.


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