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How To Use Strategy Items In Madden NFL 22

Madden NFL 22 strategy items come from daily rewards and the market. They can be transformed using sets and the reroll feature.

Buy MUT coins from U7BuyGames and you will become a better player! Strategy items are a new Madden NFL 22 feature. They are used in MUT to get OVR bumps for your lineup. Strategy items rely on chemistry. There are items that feature one position and items that work with several positions. If you need cheap Madden 22 coins, all you need to do is to visit U7BuyGames!

How to Obtain Madden NFL 22 Strategy Items

Players know that U7BuyGames has the best deals and prices for Madden NFL 22 coins! What they might not know is how to get the most out of their strategy items. Unfortunately, this system is not that easy to understand. On top of that, strategy items are not balanced. The game has many strategy items and some are way better than others. Most players agree that two strategy items are a must for your lineups. Deep route specialist is the best offensive strategy item. In the zone is the best defensive strategy items. Both of them have blue quality. It’s recommended that you use two of these items. You can equip them in the strategy tab in your lineup. Another recommendation is to visit U7BuyGames for cheap Madden 22 coins. If you use these strategy items, you gain a +2 speed increase. The blue items are the only ones that increase the speed. We also have common items that boost three stats. The green items can bump four stats. The best items are blue. They increase five stats. Strategy items are earned or bought from the store. If you complete three daily MUT objectives, you get one item. It will be a random one. It’s advised that you make a habit out of completing daily objectives until you get the desired item. You can also buy them using Madden coins. One strategy item costs 5,000 Madden NFL 22 coins. Just like the reward from the daily objectives, the bought one will also be random. As you can imagine, you will obtain a common item most of the time. The blue ones are rare. You cannot buy or sell strategy items on the market. However, the good news is that you can use gray and green items to obtain blue items. There are strategy item sets that allow you to transform items. You get one green for eight grays. Forty common items can be turned into a rare. Five greens can be transformed into a rare as well. The reward is random. Players can reroll rares until they get the ones they want.

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