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Madden NFL 22 Top Budget Players

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Elite players are needed to win in Madden NFL 22. A good way to get around expensive players is to find budget players who are often overlooked but can have the same level as the expensive popular cards. Without further ado, we are here to introduce the top 10 budget players in Madden 22 Ultimate Team.


Michael Strahan (89 OVR) – LE

89 OVR Michael Strahan is the best shot-blocker in the entire game! Even compared to 92 OVR Myles Garrett, Strahan still has a better stop level, allowing him to perform well, without the need for Power Up.


Taysom Hill (81 OVR) – QB

If you just downloaded the game and did not purchase any welcome packs, then Taysom Hill is your best choice. You can get a Power Up card and upgrade it for less than 14,000 coins. 81 OVR Taysom Hill is an energetic player. His speed score is 87, one of the highest among quarterbacks. Opening the script allows you to run quickly.


Matt Breda (75 OVR) – HB

75 OVR Matt Breida is a great budget, even though his overall level is very low. This player is very fast, with a speed rating of 87, making it the most valuable card on this list. You can get him at the auction house for less than 4,000 coins and quickly improve your running game with a fast HB.


Jaire Alexander (88 OVR) – CB

Considering Jaire Alexander’s overall rating, his performance on this list is surprising. Alexander is a good budget choice as a fully powered 88 OVR corner. He can be obtained under 80,000 coins, and his speed rating is 87, and coverage rate is as high as 89, which makes him the perfect budget choice for CB1 in your team.


OJ Howard (85 OVR) – TE

OJ Howard has become a demanding player in the Madden 22 competitive scene because Throne and TDBarrett added him to their team as a key part of their offense. This fast close end has an 86 speed rating and 89 acceleration, which makes him very deadly in deep and short passes. The best part is that you can get him for less than 50,000 coins! This is a great deal, because Howard may become MUT’s elite tight end for the rest of the year.

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