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NBA 2K22 Reveals More Contents for Season 6

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The new season of MyTeam paired with the NBA Playoffs offers new Dark Matter cards, higher level cards and locker codes for free rewards weekly. With NBA 2K22 offering a daily entry challenge, the player base has more challenges to keep them busy.


The limited edition 4 Pack is available now and offers 6 new collectible Dark Matter units. Following the announcement of Chris Bosh’s Dark Matter hit, NBA 2K222K Sports announced 99 units of Dark Matter to appear. The pack is only available for purchase for one week, and players who purchase a pack of 20 are guaranteed to receive one of the special units, but the resulting unit will be untradable. Each card can give a huge boost to a player’s line-up, whether it’s scoring from the three-point line or an exciting late-game defense.


The third week of MyTeam Limited introduces a new challenge and Dark Matter unit for fans to vote on who that player will be. Players can only use players from the Northwest Division to participate in the challenge, and a maximum of one pink diamond, one diamond, and one amethyst can be used. The rest of the players need to be Ruby or lower, but NBA 2K22 He has a few strong Ruby players that can help with this challenge and improve the chances of completing the mission. In addition, Free Agent or Heat Check cards, which are one of the criteria for this type of mission, cannot be used.