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New World – Patch 1.0.1 Now Live!

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With New World gaining massive popularity after its recent launch, the game is set to receive its first global update which looks to rectify the initial bugs and exploits ruining players’ experiences.




New World needs no introduction as it storms into the MMORPG scenes with aplomb!


Now rated amongst the most popular online multiplayer game in recent time, New World seems to finally be the true successor to usurp WoW as the best MMORPG of this new generation.


Still, that isn’t to say that the game is completely perfect without its own sets of bugs and in-game exploits to speak of.


With the release of Patch 1.0.1, the developers are looking to solve various in-game issues which can hamper players’ overall enjoyment of the game, and this looks to be a good step towards the right direction for the future.


In Patch 1.0.1, here are some of the most important changes to note:


  • Away-from-Keyboard (AFK) Prevention
    • Improved protocols to restrict players from exploiting the game using fake mouse movement.
    • The AFK message will now prompt after 15 minutes (from 20 minutes).
    • AFK players will now be disconnected after 20 minutes (instead of 25 minutes).


  • War
    • Turrets now use hit-scan detection methods instead of actual projectiles spawned in order to improve performance issues.


  • World Queue
    • A message will prompt if you are attempting to leave a World Queue to avoid any accidental queue cancellation which leads to you missing out on the spot (will need to re-enter the queue from scratch).


  • Bug fixes
    • The ‘Interact’ action will now work properly upon inspecting objects in the game.
    • A barrel will now appear after using the ‘Pirate Stance’ emote.
    • Players will now receive the specified coin reward after completing activities, which did not happen in certain circumstances.
    • Your character will no longer be stuck inside of a house if your fast-travel is interrupted mid-way.
    • Many more!


  • AI
    • Pastor Walsh will no longer spawn immediately at Walsham (Point of Interest, POI).
    • Enemies will now spawn properly in Bullrush Was (POI).
    • Overseer Zane will now respawn properly in the “Something to Prove” quest.
    • Master Zindt will no longer be able to have multiple respawns at Kannan Tomb (POI).


  • Quests
    • Missing journal information regarding the recommended quest level to unlock the second faction rank is now restored
    • The “Azoth Fulminate” quest is now fixed for players who cannot receive it after completing other Windsward quests.
    • Completing the “Goodwill Squashing” quest will no longer prevent you from obtaining the “Arruda Jam” quest.
    • Plenty others!


You can read the whole patch notes for Patch 1.0.1 right here from the game’s official website.


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