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What’s New In NBA 2K22 MyCareer In Season 7

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NBA 2K22 Season 7 MyCareer Updates


NBA 2K22 is a competitive game. Season 7 captures the sport and game’s competitiveness. The City and Cancha Del Mar are the playgrounds where players can test their skills. This season comes with new challenging quests. We have new courts on which we will take part in exciting games. Each win counts. This season’s rewards are better than ever. On your way to max level 40, you will acquire various items. Some are useful while some are cosmetics that show other players your seasonal performances. New-generation players have the chance to earn a jet pack. If you want to possess this amazing item and be the envy of your fellow players as you soar around the City, you will have to work your way up the levels to 40. The alternative reward for current-gen players is an NBA mascot costume. Once you are eligible for this reward, you will get a random outfit. If you want an outfit of your choosing, you can get another one. Next-gen players get the mascot outfit at level 30. The level 30 reward for current-gen players is an affiliation costume. Current-gen also includes PC and Nintendo Switch. New-gen players can take part in a TKO event. When you win games in this mode, you go up one tier. As you climb through the tiers, you will play against more skilled players. The goal is to maintain a winning streak for as long as possible. When you lose a game, the streak ends and you go down one tier. You can demote a maximum of three tiers before you are out of the event. A longer streak also means better rewards such as 4 XP. This event allows players to obtain skill boosts and NBA 2K22 coins. Music is a big part of NBA 2K22. This season’s soundtrack features songs from the community. Members of the community submitted their creations. Ten songs from this pool are part of the track list.