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World Of Warcraft Sepulcher Of The First Ones Raid Preview

Sepulcher of the First Ones is an upcoming World of Warcraft Shadowlands Patch 9.2: Eternity’s End raid that features 11 encounters.

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World of Warcraft Sepulcher of the First Ones Boss Encounters

Sepulcher of the First Ones raid is found in the new Zereth Mortis area. This is where players will face Progenitor creations and Zovaal. Known as the Jailer, Zovaal is the Shadowlands antagonist. The raid will feature 11 boss encounters. The first eight bosses will be available in the first week. The following week will make available the final bosses on all three difficulty levels. The Solitary Guardian is the first boss. He guards the place, so players must take him down to advance. The boss is aided by sentries. Players must gain defense against the boss’s core using a defense matrix. The second boss, Dausegne, uses spells. When her mana is drained, she gains a defensive shield. Her offensive abilities grow in power if she dominates all the reservoirs while out of mana. Artificer Xy’mox is the third boss. The encounter has three phases. When the boss reaches 80%, 50%, and 20% HP, he will increase his power with the help of the Xy Cartel. The Prototype Pantheon encounter has four bosses. Each boss has its own abilities. The fight has several phases triggered by the bosses’ HPs. Lihuvim comes next. The boss gains energy throughout the fight. Players have a window of opportunity to take down the lattices. Skolex is a boss whose power increases if players stack up. The raid must watch out for ground AOE when the boss burrows under the platform. Halondrus is an encounter with two phases that take place when the boss reaches 80% and 45% HP. The eighth boss is none other than Anduin Wrynn. He is under the Jailer’s corruption. This encounter plays an important part in the story. Players will battle his dominated self while helping his true self gain power. The next fight is against Lords of Dread, Mal’Ganis and Kin’tessa. The duo employs decay and shadow magic that helps them gain energy to unleash powerful attacks. Rygelon, the next boss, uses energy as well. He has a mechanic that can one-shot players. The final boss, the Jailer, has three phases. He uses domination magic and many devastating attacks.

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