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WoW – The Dwarven Kingdoms from the Mountains (Racial Introduction)

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Amongst the many Races that you can play as in WoW, Dwarves are considered to be the most steadfast ally of the Alliance, always standing true by Humanity’s side through thick and thin!




Dwarves are an old Race that have been living in Azeroth for thousands of years, most of the time settling within the confines of their massive mountain dwellings to avoid participating in other racial conflicts of the outside world.


Sometimes mistaken for Gnomes, Dwarves have an understandable pride for their feats of engineering, machinery and mining, culpable by the fact that they have made their living inside the cavernous halls of inhospitable mountainous terrain.


In WoW, the Dwarves are united by a fragile union of the three (3) major clans – Bronzebeard, Wildhammer, Dark Iron – which is called the Council of Three Hammers.


Amongst the first to answer Humanity’s calls for aid, the Dwarves are indebted to Humans for what their previous benevolent king, Varian Wrynn and prince, Anduin Wrynn had done to peacefully solve the civil infighting of the Dwarven people.


Dwarves are definitely a unique Race to play as in WoW, but they do benefit from special racial traits like:


  • Explorer
    • Receive additional archaeological fragments during finds, and survey faster than other Races.


  • Frost Resistance
    • 1% Frost Damage reduction.


  • Might of the Mountain
    • +2% Critical Strike Damage and Critical Healing.


  • Stoneform(Active Ability)
    • Makes you immune to Bleed, Poison and Disease.
    • Grants 10% Increased Armour.
    • Lasts for 8 seconds (3-minute cooldown).


The Dwarves are also extremely capable of adapting to different Class requirements as well:


  • Warrior
    • Frontline combatants who are fearless and unyielding no matter the tide of battle.


  • Paladin
    • Righteous fighters who dedicate their lives to bringing justice to the world.


  • Hunter
    • Some Dwarves have adapted to life outside in the wild, gaining newfound knowledge stemming from primal instincts and raw, natural strength.


  • Rogue
    • Only ever serving for Gold and Coins, Rogues are efficient killers whose loyalties are bound by the Contracts that they abide to.


  • Priest
    • Divine believers and paragon of the Holy, Priests serve to spread peaceful messages to all corners of Azeroth while also aiding and supporting allies during combat as well.


  • Shaman
    • Utilizing totems and elemental spells as deterrents against enemies, Shamans are sacred masters whose wisdoms continue to inspire others on the battlefield.


  • Mage
    • Though not famously known for their link with the Arcane, some Dwarves have been chosen to walk the path of the Mage, with certain sections of the Dwarven people still possessing innate magical talents thought diminished within the Race.


  • Warlock
    • Masters of Unholy spells and demonic control, Dwarven Warlocks are feared everywhere in Azeroth, especially given that they are both cunning and wicked at the same time.


  • Monk
    • Believers in the power of Chi, Monks dedicate most of their fighting styles in unarmed combat, making them seem harmless at first, which gives them the upper hand while the foe’s guard is down.


  • Death Knight
    • A few Dwarves were recruited as Death Knights under the Lich King, and are now free to create their own path of glory and redemption.


The Dwarves begin their journey of Azeroth by starting in (Starting Zone):


  • Dun Morogh
    • The icy chills of snow is not a problem for the Dwarves as they live deep inside the mountains of Dun Morogh, and you will start your initial endeavours here, fending off Troggs and Frostmane Trolls on a daily basis.


When you’ve levelled enough, the first major city of the Dwarves should be your next destination (Starting City):


  • Ironforge
    • The showcase of Dwarven artistry, architecture and ingenuity, the city of Ironforge houses the Council of Three Hammers and is known to be the soul of all Dwarven people in Azeroth.


The Dwarves have a preferred mount in order to traverse the windy landscape of the snow-capped mountains – their glorious Rams!


With plenty of new experiences for you to gather by playing as a Dwarf, you are sure to find that not everything is about size, though; it’s the strength of the heart that counts!


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