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    Industry Expertise

    As the project U7BUY owns, we have a strong foundation of experience in the industry, and a better understanding of operational and user expectations to develop solutions that meet the requirements.

  • trust
    Heartfelt Service

    Our dedicated customer service team provides quality individualized care and support, helping to improve the overall shopping experience.

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    Security Protection

    User information will be well protected. We guarantee the privacy security and payment security, providing protection for your account, payment environment, and personal information.


locationCovered 100+ countries around the world

U7BUYGAMES CommunityWe Own

The buyers and the sellers around the world come together to trade in-game assets, which means you will find any gaming item you need on U7BUYGAMES.

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BusinessWe Operate

Various types of services are provided to satisfy every gamer, trade as you wish on U7BUYGAMES.

  • In Game Currency

    Like real-world money, in-game currency plays the crucial role in video games, U7BUYGAMES offers you a platform to trade in-game currency safe and fast.

  • Items and Skins

    Powerful items and skins can not only contribute cosmetically, but also improve the skillsets of the in-game characters, you will find any item and skin for video games at U7BUYGAMES.

The StoryWe Narrate

The journey of growth we undertook

  • We used to engage in the trading of virtual goods in competitive sports video games. With advanced technology and customer-oriented service concepts, we have accumulated millions of loyal customers and good reputation in the industry.
  • Now we have grown into a comprehensive in-game goods trading platform for everyone, at U7BUYGAMES, you can trade freely as you want. Together with you, we will enjoy the fun of gaming world.
  • We are committed to technological innovation and service optimization, especially concerned with the information security. Connect and trade with other gamers at U7BUYGAMES.
VisionsWe Embrace

U7BUYGAMES maintains the value of integrity, sincerity and going above and beyond, we invite you to witness our growth.

dateEarly 2019


Preparation for new C2C platform by experienced U7BUY Team


Start up trading your in-game assets with global gamers

dateEarly 2021

dateMid 2022


Trade anything conveniently to enrich your game experience


Embrace advanced U7BUYGAMES community with high automation and rich content

dateEarly 2023


Let's see how the buyers and sellers say about U7BUYGAMES, we horor every sincere feedback.

Amazing service with U7buygames. They always deliver fast and to my satisfaction, they are attentive and professional.
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Alex Hemmings
200+ Offers CompletedSep 25th,2021
I recently placed an order through U7buygames and had no issues at all with them. The transaction was safe and the chances of getting banned are basically 0.
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Zack Hood
700+ Offers CompletedSep 29th,2021
Buying accounts is always very sketchy, and I had been looking for sites where I could buy an account without fear of being scammed.
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Luke Clifford
500+ Offers CompletedOct 5th,2021
The layout of their website is very nice and easy to navigate. Easy to contact them should there be any issues and great team behind the business. Fast delivery by the seller, I'd definitely buy again on U7buygames! 100% guaranteed and has seller ratings, the whole thing was very simple and safe! Thanks!
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Patrick M.
400+ Offers CompletedOct 10th,2021
I have been a seller on U7buygames for past few days and over all I can say it is the best marketplace for selling gaming assets. I sold my 2K22 MT very fast because there are lots of buyers on this site. There’s no delay for getting the money once the order is completed. I have to say I was lucky to have found this website.
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Paul Hoppus
700+ Offers CompletedOct 10th,2021
U7buygames is very safe and trustworthy I sold my gold easy and fast on it, would absolutely recommend this site to my gamer friends to make quick money. I have been a seller here for a while and they always disburse the right amount with minimal fees! The transaction is smooth and easy, I will be using their service to sell my gold in the future too! Thumbs up for U7buygames.
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Matt Will
1200+ Offers CompletedOct 12th,2021
Great & no issues at all. U7buygames gains a lot of traffic and you can be 100% sure you'll have buyers in no time.
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Jesse Irwin
1000+ Offers CompletedOct 15th,2021
Been using U7buygames for quite some time now and have always been impressed with the flow of the sale that they provide. U7buygames has always provided me with the best platform there could be. There is nothing more I can ask for. They are very fair with both sellers and buyers. With their instant delivery, it has made my job 100% easier. All I have to do is post and when a buyer pays, it gets delivered right away - hassle free. It increased my profit and improved my relationship with customers. Their stable systems allow me to sell efficiently and communicate with my buyers easily. Thank you!
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Mick Levin
800+ Offers CompletedOct 15th,2021

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