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About Us

Our business vision

Hello and welcome to u7buygames, we are a player-to-player trading platform launched by the well-known virtual goods store u7buy, with a focus on dependability and reliability, u7buygames brings direct communication to both sellers and buyers, we not only aim to offer our customers a variety of in-game products, but a safe trading environment.

What makes us different

“3SUV” makes us outperform other competitions, and we are still dedicating ourselves to improving even more.

Sufficient experiences

We have an abundant knowledge of serving our customers with products of best quality and fast delivery, with the goal of putting our customers’ wishes first, we have satisfied customers all over the world, and now are thrilled to be a a part of player-to-player trade industry.

Satisfying service

Here at U7buygames, the middleman is cut out and the savings are passed on to customers, you can choose to buy from our verified sellers or sell your extra virtual goods, meanwhile, a 24/7 live TECHNICAL SUPPORT is available to help you solve any problems you may occur during the process.

Secure transaction

Over the years, we have built a solid cooperation with mainstream payment tools, at the same time, our encrypted system will provide further protection to put you at ease during the trade.

Upbeat service team

U7buygames appreciates the idea of working hard and being kind, our 24/7 live support team consists of young people who are passionate and enthusiastic for their work, they are experts at solving your problems during the trade, you will be delighted by the positive and instant response they serve.

Various products

The variety of in-game goods U7buygames includes is one of our strengths. No matter if you are a mainstream game player or you are enthusiastic about niche games, you will find what you need at u7buygames.