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U7BUYGAMES: Best Platform to Trade Your Gaming Goods

As a reliable player-to-player virtual goods marketplace, u7buygames connects buyers and sellers, we exist to cut out the middleman and maximize the interest of our customers. We offer gamers a opportunity to buy safe and cheap gaming items, and a platform to sell them fast as well. Our service ranging from in-game currencies to gaming items, you can not only find products of mainstream games including MUT 22, LOL, WOW, Rocket League, Fortnite and etc, but the service of niche video games such as DOFUS, Aion Classic, Escape From Tarkov, and Guild Wars 2, there will be more categories to be launched, because our business is constantly expending.

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The Benefits of Trading Your Gaming Assets at U7BUYGAMES

We manage our marketplace properly to meet your shopping standards, all the sellers at u7buygames are verified thoroughly to assure the legit and manual supplies, and we invest in accelerating the delivery of your orders to serve you a fast and worry-free shopping experience. We own a loyal fanbase in u7buygames community, those frequenters are the main reason of our success, you will sell your goods fast when selling on u7buygames. U7buygames supports multiple payment methods including Skrill, Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Discover, and Paysafe Card.

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    Diablo IV - The Background Story
    U7BuyGames has the Safe Diablo 4 Items price and many attractive discounts. Diablo IV is the upcoming title in the Diablo franchise. The game was announced in 2019. Three years later, we find out that the release is planned for 2023. We are still a long way from playing. That gives us the time to familiarize ourselves with the main characters and plot. U7BuyGames is committed to offering you Diablo IV gold for sale!   Diablo IV Plot and Characters One thing we can all agree on is that Blizzard makes spectacular cinematics. The announcement video for Diablo IV introduced Lilith, the new antagonist, in style. But first, let's see who she is. Fathered by the Lord of Hatred, Lilith is known by many names. From Mephisto, she inherits the Daughter of Hatred moniker. In one of the many battles of the Eternal Conflict, Lilith captured the angel Inarius. A strange bond was formed between them. The duo gathered some allies and stole the world stone. Using this incredibly powerful item, they've created the world that would be known as Sanctuary. The name signifies that this is a place untouched by the Eternal Conflict. Lilith and Inarius populated Sanctuary with a new race. Their offspring are the Nephalem, the characters we play in Diablo III. Drawing abilities from both angels and demons, the Nephalem grew very powerful. So powerful that the angels on Inarius's side thought of killing them all. To save her children, Lilith killed all the angels. Inarius banished her into the void. He then tweaked the world stone to weaken the Nephalem over time. This is how humans were born. Diablo IV takes place after Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. Lilith is brought back to Sanctuary. The cinematic shows cultists making human sacrifices to bring back The First Mother. The ritual succeeds and Lilith makes her grand entrance. At the time of these events, the angels and demons have grown weak in numbers. The Eternal Conflict has subsided. This leaves a window of opportunity for Lilith to take over Sanctuary. She is back and we know that her intentions are far from being peaceful. The Diablo IV class roster features five characters. Each one has its motivation for opposing Lilith. Her plans are still unclear. We are sure we will face many powerful enemies before we get to confront Nephalem's progenitor. We cannot wait to see how the story goes.
    Diablo 4
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  • 17
    NBA 2K22: Rise of Heroes in Season 7
    Trade your NBA 2K22 MT on U7buygames today, we offer best customer service and fast delivery! NBA 2K22 Season 7 has offered some special promo packs for a very limited time, we now have information about MyCAREER and what rewards you get for reaching level 40 in MyTEAM and MyCAREER. These Promo Packs will bring you an opportunity to get your hands on some brilliant Dark Matter cards, however, they are only available for a very limited time: DM Kobe Bryant (99 OVR), DM Jalen Green (99 OVR), Invincible Shaquille O'Neal (99 OVR), Hero Stephen Curry (99 OVR), Hero Giannis Antetokounmpo (99 OVR) To find out more about the pricing of these NBA 2K22 MyTEAM promo packs, visit the official website and find out how much they will cost. On the day all the new content for Season 7 is released, we will receive a massive update, which will most likely be followed by a ratings update. Season 7 brings new rewards that worth earning, and new in-game promo too for next-gen consoles. TKO is a game mode in NBA 2K22 MyCareer that throws you back to the classic team competition. This game mode pits teams against each other with much more in risk than in a normal park or lobby. In TKO mode, the winning teams advance to the next floor where they have to face other tougher adversaries, and as you progress, higher rewards and XP will be offered to you. Teams that triumphs get a ton of bonuses, but teams that go down three levels will be completely eliminated, the new content features many new massive cards that players can get in a different ways.
    NBA 2K22
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    Diablo 2: Resurrected - Crossbows at the Ready!
    If you’re looking for Cheap D2R Gold For Sale bundles and packages, U7BuyGames is the best place for you to visit any time of the day! Following Part 1 of the game’s Unique Crossbow mini-guide a few weeks ago, today we will be covering a few more variants that are better geared for end-game dungeons and content in Diablo 2: Resurrected.   Hybrid Strength-Dexterity players would definitely love a Crossbow or two to counter the unique beasts and monsters that cower behind the shadows surrounding Sanctuary. Playing as a melee-focused character is always fun too, but when it comes to certain engagements that limit your close encounters, Crossbows can play a primary role in dishing out the damage while you stand safe a few distance away. Today, let’s take a look at a few high-level Unique Crossbows that could help you tremendously against the many foul creatures that plague the world of Diablo 2: Resurrected: UNIQUE CROSSBOWS (PART 2) Pus Spitter oDamage (Two-Handed): (50 - 64) to (105 - 134) oRequired Level: 36 oRequired Strength: 32 oRequired Dexterity: 28 oAttack Speed: Slow oEffects: +150% to +220% Enhanced Damage +150 Poison Damage Over 8 Seconds -60% Requirements 9% Chance to Cast Level 6 ‘Poison Nova’ per Hit 4% Chance to Cast Level 1 ‘Lower Resist’ per Hit +5 to +495 Attack Rating (+5 per Character Level) +10% Attack Speed +2 Necromancer Skill Levels Buriza-Do Kyanon oDamage: (82 - 99) to (139 - 412) oRequired Level: 41 oRequired Strength: 110 oRequired Dexterity: 80 oAttack Speed: Slow oEffects: +150% to +200% Enhanced Damage + 2 to +247 Maximum Damage (2.5 per Character Level) +32 to +196 Cold Damage for 8 Seconds +100 Piercing Attack +3 Freeze Target +75 to +150 Defence +35 Dexterity +80% Attack Speed Demon Machine oDamage: 31 to 137 oRequired Level: 49 oRequired Strength: 80 oRequired Dexterity: 95 oAttack Speed: Very Fast oEffects: +123% Enhanced Damage +66 Maximum Damage Fires Level 6 ‘Explosive Bolts’ +632 Attack Rating +66 Piercing Attack +321 Defence +36 Mana Hellrack oDamage: (89 – 105) to (254 - 300) oRequired Level: 76 oRequired Strength: 163 oRequired Dexterity: 77 oAttack Speed: Slow oEffects: +180% to +230% Enhanced Damage +100% to +150% Attack Rating +63 to +324 Fire Damage +63 to +324 Lightning Damage +63 to +324 Cold Damage +20% Attack Speed Level 18 ‘Immolation Arrow’ (150 charges) +2 Sockets Gut Siphon oDamage: (67 - 83) to (104 - 128) oRequired Level: 71 oRequired Strength: 141 oRequired Dexterity: 98 oAttack Speed: Very Fast oEffects: +160% to +220% Enhanced Damage +33 Piercing Attack 12% to 18% Life Steal per Hit 33% Chance of Open Wounds Slows Target by 25% Both Part 1 and Part 2 of this Unique Crossbow guide is surely a good reference for you to use while finding your way around the world, hoping to rid Sanctuary from Diablo’s evil grasp. Whenever you require more Diablo 2: Resurrected Gold, though, always remember to visit U7BuyGames for all the greatest deals and discounts available today!
    diablo 2
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    What's New In NBA 2K22 MyCareer In Season 7
    Have you heard that U7BuyGames has Cheap NBA 2K22 MT Coins? What are you waiting for? Place an order now! NBA 2K22 Season 7: Return of Heroes has activities that span the most popular game modes. Exciting opportunities arise for MyCareer fans. New content and rewards are waiting for you. Prepare for Season 7 with NBA 2K22 MT coins from U7BuyGames and you won't miss out on the seasonal rewards.   NBA 2K22 Season 7 MyCareer Updates   NBA 2K22 is a competitive game. Season 7 captures the sport and game's competitiveness. The City and Cancha Del Mar are the playgrounds where players can test their skills. This season comes with new challenging quests. We have new courts on which we will take part in exciting games. Each win counts. This season's rewards are better than ever. On your way to max level 40, you will acquire various items. Some are useful while some are cosmetics that show other players your seasonal performances. New-generation players have the chance to earn a jet pack. If you want to possess this amazing item and be the envy of your fellow players as you soar around the City, you will have to work your way up the levels to 40. The alternative reward for current-gen players is an NBA mascot costume. Once you are eligible for this reward, you will get a random outfit. If you want an outfit of your choosing, you can get another one. Next-gen players get the mascot outfit at level 30. The level 30 reward for current-gen players is an affiliation costume. Current-gen also includes PC and Nintendo Switch. New-gen players can take part in a TKO event. When you win games in this mode, you go up one tier. As you climb through the tiers, you will play against more skilled players. The goal is to maintain a winning streak for as long as possible. When you lose a game, the streak ends and you go down one tier. You can demote a maximum of three tiers before you are out of the event. A longer streak also means better rewards such as 4 XP. This event allows players to obtain skill boosts and NBA 2K22 coins. Music is a big part of NBA 2K22. This season's soundtrack features songs from the community. Members of the community submitted their creations. Ten songs from this pool are part of the track list.
    NBA 2K22
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